Monday, August 23, 2010

Final Decision

This is the first time i wrote in english. sorry if i make mistake in grammar. im not good. Final Decision is a about short film but no dialouge. to make this short film is a quite hard because we must use from music that have not be copyrighted. If we want to use some music that copyrighted, we must record it back in our style.The storyline is about a man that depressed and he want to kill himself because his girlfriend died. He tried to kill himself with a poison in a small dark room. In this story we want to show the flow how he want to kill himself. The established we show at the grave in a high angle because we want to show that the man is not powerfull and weak. After that the man back to home and walk in the small dark room where the place that he want to kill himself. The camera will follow the man from he want to open the door and sit at the chair. That man start smoking again and again. in tight shot.he drink water.after that someone calling he.he didnt answer the phone.then he go to the toilet.then he sit back and switched on the laptop.he open the folder that contain his picture with his girlfriend.the picture shows on projector.when he starts to open the pictures,camera from infront move to his back dolly shot.the flashback begin in first picture where the picture take at restaurant.then next to the second picture at lake.then at the library.after look three picture.he cried and drink the poison.then he continue to look at next picture.he became worse,cough and bleeding.after that he died.after he died back shot show his girlfriend.then continue to tight shot his girlfriend crying and camera move backward.then credit title..this is my idea.